Tricks to teaching (and learning) a new game

Tricks to teaching (and learning) a new game
Our family loves trying new games. Unwrapping the box, punching out the counters, organizing the pieces — it all leads up to that most exciting of moments: Learning the rules and figuring out how to play. In case you wondered, I said that with a …
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Tapping Into the Potential of Games and Uninhibited Play for Learning
By now, you've probably heard the buzzwords: “game-based learning” and “gamification” are pervading headlines in education coverage. Video games have always been popular with kids, but now increasingly, educators are trying to leverage the interactive …
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How to make educational games more effective
Speaking at the 2014 Games for Change festival, Zoran Popović — University of Washington associate professor of computer science and founder of its Center for Game Science — outlined why drastic transformative change with games is difficult to …
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